the grand canyon state.
pretty original nickname, az.

My bags are packed. My poster is printed. ...and the nervousness is building. I'll leaving for sunny Phoenix tomorrow at 5 am. One of my thesis advisor's wanted me to submit an abstract to ACMG of my 'work in progress' last December...So, I did. not thinking too much of it. And, what do you know? It was accepted. So, my department is flying me out to Arizona this week to present my research. I'm definitely a newbie to this professional world...and this is definitely my first time to be involved in anything like this. So, needless to say, I have no idea what to expect & I'm quite nervous!
My parents both wanted to be there for me, and my dad is flying out to join me in Phoenix. The nearby conference rooms downtown were tres cher, so believe it or not we're staying here the Hilton Pointe Tapatio just outside the city for much cheaper...

Did you known Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings time? I didn't realize that was an option.

I know we are attached at the hip & spend all our time together...but, I hate having to leave Aaron...even just for a few days. With my family living far away, it seems like I am always the one leaving for a quick trip. I know I would not like it if the situation were reversed... I've even grown to dread Tuesday nights when Aaron's away at class until 9 pm for a mere 3 hours! I'll miss you, my dear, and I'll be on the hunt for a great souvenir!


hey, i'm megan. ♥ said...

don't let the nerves get to you, you're magnificent! i miss you!!