shotgun for eternity.

big day, that april 11th.

We turned in the final copy of our 'theses' to the graduate college.
I went through many drafts to get here at the end. and many more after the mini-crisis last week. [see previous post].
A lot of trees were harmed in the making of this thesis.

It would not have been possible without the guidance and patience from all the wonderful faculty & staff in Medical Genetics. and, As you [family & friends] will read on page 4's acknowledgments section...
"...Finally, I cannot end without thanking my husband, Aaron, whose constant love, encouragement, and sense of humor I have relied on throughout this entire time – and will for years to come. I wish to thank my parents, my brothers, and new in-laws for the overwhelming support and inspiration you have shown me. I thank all my friends and family for their optimism, words of encouragement, and patience as I worked to complete graduate school. It is to them I dedicate all of my success."

This is Melissa and I holding up our handiwork before making the walk over to turn in our year of blood, sweat, and tears...[all actually literally], and to receive our big 'sigh-of-relief' in return.
I didn't anticipate feeling that much better after turning it in - what, why? you've only been obsessing over this for months? - I guess I just assumed I'd just be on to worrying about the next big thing - my oral defense or 8-hour comprehensive final... but, no, a significant weight has been lifted off these shoulders.

To celebrate, Melissa, Julie, & I went out for dinner at 1492, a yummy little Latin restaurant downtown. We had a fun, relaxing, and to our own surprise...4-hour meal. I will love having more time (nights/weekends) after graduation to hang out with these girls.

Aaron & I celebrated together the rest of the weekend - sleeping in, making a big weekend-quality breakfast, shopping, movies, p.f. chang's, open houses - I know this week will be hard because of my little 'break', but well worth the recharge. ::high five::


tiffany said...

oooooo I should have read this before sending my facebook comment a few minutes ago! congrats on the end of the thesis writing and good luck on the oral defense/final exams. : )