monopoly...oh, you mean that McDonald's game?

I feel like we've drawn one of the 'fortunate' Community Chest cards. We received a letter on our door today that said we've been paying $8 too much in rent every month since last May when we moved in. Therefore, please deduct $80 from next month's rent to balance out our account. What a nice little budget boost? Monopoly comes with those little Chance and Community Chest cards...half the time you want to draw them, half the time you don't. Life (actual, not monopoly's Milton Bradley rival) doesn't hand out rewards/regrets in the same 50/50 ratio. It seems as if the only financial cards we're dealt in reality are the 'bad ones'... the physician's co-pay, the cracked windsheild, the water damage, the late fees, the blown tire...

It's nice every once in a while to draw the 'bank error in your favor' card, win 'second prize in the beauty contest', have your 'christmas fund mature', and collect your coin$.

I know without a doubt you won't be seeing much of me in the near future. but, why? My big "oral defense" is on Monday at 2:30 [so you can time those prayers...]. I wish I had the time and the words to describe what this is like, but I guess I should spend any available time studying right now. So, maybe later. I have finals too, but they pale in comparison to the anxiety that comes with Monday's presentation. My 8 hour final is over with at least - they have us take our comprehensive exam a week before our defense, so that they can quiz us over any areas of 'deficiency' shown on our written exam. how sweet.
...but, Just hours from my last final, my Mom flies in to town! And soon to follow, the rest of my lovely family - all to celebrate graduation with me! Unbelievably Excited. Exhilarated. Ecstatic. Overjoyed. Thrilled. PUMPED. ...and, clearly understated.


Kaitlin said...

so excited for you! have a great weekend with your family! good luck on monday.

The Lees said...

Good Luck tomorrow! We will praying for you!!!