real simple.

unexpectedly, this weekend we added five things to our spend-less summer list:
  • crashing a little league game. boy, does that bring on the sentiments of summer. hey, #7 could be our nephew, cousin,...complete stranger that could use a cheering section.
  • sunday's open houses. I find it so much fun...not sure if Aaron's all the way up there with me, but it's an enjoyable afternoon. On the flip side, it may end up contributing to a spend-more autumn.
  • poolside. no explanation needed.
  • reading 'vintage' scary stories by candlelight. Cheers to Kara for the yardsale find & the awesome blast from the past.
  • sunset picnicking at the lake. Thanks, mom, for the adorable picnic set that we intend to adequately break-in. [ok, corey, you were right. it made it.]

As for other news, to those tuned in - today's interview for the genetic counseling job at Childrens was postponed, again. I've been assured that there are 'no concerns' and have been given several optimistic winks-and-smiles from the staff I trained under... but, until I formally receive an offer, naturally I can't help but feel a little unsettled. Feel free to send an extra prayer this way.



The Lees said...

Hey Jae Lindsay & Aaron. We just made our blog private due to some creepy comments about Jackson from strangers. We would love to add you to our list of "invited readers" Just send us your email address to mine (jenicelealee@hotmail.com) and I will add you! Florida looked like so much fun!