as the storm blows on...out of control...

Oklahoma City is officially welcoming the NBA...

Say hello to the O-K-C Thunder!

10,000 season tickets have sold in the first three days since announcing the team's move to the midwest... I'm sure Aaron & I will grace the cheap seats a time or two this season. Regardless of the sport, who doesn't have fun going to a game? They're holding try-outs for the dance team this week, too bad I just found a job. darn.
Aaron's feelings on our new team name: "the OKC thunder, we sound menacing...but pose no actual physical threat."

We're gonna hear a lot of Garth Brooks & a lot of AC/DC.


The Lees said...

Our good friends just moved to OKC from Seattle because he is the mascot. It's funny how excited OKC is and how pissed Seattle is. Oh dear. Go and cheer them on for us!