a fair september saturday...

You've all seen the local commercials...the Oklahoma State Fair rolled into town last week, & we Chaloners just couldn't let it get away without a little saturday sampling.

and Sunday stomach-aches.

Corn dogs. Roasted corn. Cinnamon rolls. Root beer jugs. Indian tacos. Fried Mashed Potatoes. Chicken on a stick. Crazy Taters. ... seriously. Sarah & Cody joined us after we'd been there for a whole three hours, we were all suprised that the only thing we'd actually done was go to the car exhibit & EAT.

Clearly nothing is off-limits. If it'll go in a fryer -or- on a stick (or, the best - Both!), they'll serve it up @ the OK State Fair.

They don't teach this kind of stuff at Baylor, do they Melody?
This is why you go. Ridiculous exhibits like this. 2 years ago we were captivated by "Snake Woman" - the head of a beautiful woman, with the body of an ugly snake! This year, they'd accomplished another miracle of science, Spider Girl. Poor thing. no, really.

What do people actually do with these if they win?

I'm not fooled into thinking that vegetables bathed in butter are any better than those fried tickets to an angioplasty. But, I had to double-dip with the roasted corn. Worth the price of admission, my friend.


mnk ♥ said...

so, so jealous! don't worry--I'm looking into figuring out when this business comes to my part of the country... :) all because of you, mrs. dedmon.