birthdays and best friends.

As if these words haven’t crossed my lips a hundred times already, but Happy Birthday to my one-and-only. & Happy Birthday to my dear mom!
My man just crossed over into---gasp---late twenties. The big 2-6er. And my mom too! Imagine that. (well, she could get away with it anyway) We celebrated with our palettes last week – slipping off for a lunch at Sala Thai and then a dinner & presents with family at the Cheesecake Factory. It is more fun to give than receive, I get such a kick out of seeing Aaron smile on his big day. He’s the most selfless, amazing, generous man - who deserves a wonderful day and a giant slice of chocolate chip cookie cake. (no, cheesecake is simply not enough!) In bloggy etiquette, I think here is where I’m supposed to eloquently display my affection for the man of the hour, but I think I’m gonna save it for the birthday card. And you all already know I’m crazy about this guy, and that I pretty much feel like the luckiest girl in the world thanks to this here twenty-something.So, my man is all set – ‘twas a bicycle birthday. Between Aaron’s parents and I, he’s now hooked up with Specialized biking shoes and clips [they replace your pedals so you actually are connected to your bicycle. So tour-de-france. This beautiful union provides 20% more efficiency apparently, and an increased awareness of the possibility of falling to the ground still clipped in - and looking ridiculous to passersby]…as well as a pair of PG-13 six-panel padded riding shorts. This guy means business. It’s my goal to get him to look up from the books at least one night this week to actually get out and ride before all this gorgeous weather disappears!
…& we were pumped to have some very special visitors recently! Our little apartment swelled to five inhabitants as Carly (the bff), Franklin (her maltese), and Mr. Bo Jangles shacked up here for the weekend. Unfortunately, the birthday boy had quite a bit of studying to do – but we planned for some major much needed girls-eyes-only time. It’s so effortless when a great friend comes to town, you can always just jump in there and pick up where you left off – like you were still just down the hall in the dorms, just a few steps down the hall as roommates, and then as next door neighbors. We strolled through the City in classic Jae-and-Carly style hitting the shops, indoor and out…only spending a meager 6-7 hours in retail therapy. A mere warm-up round in Jae-and-Carly terms… [who once spent 12 hrs in Dallas, returning home only after visitng FIVE different shopping malls.] …but, needless to say, we had a gay ol’ time & I think Aaron may have been happier that he was left at home with the pups.

...wouldn't you agree?
needless to say, the puppy passion has resurfaced here in our house.
and now for something completely different.
This is how Carly & I found my car after returning from shopping around at Spring Creek. The e-brake was still pulled as far as it could go when we got inside. It had rolled backwards out of the parking spot all on its own. And then the wheel had been turned just enough (because I'm a lazy parker) that it didn't back straight up and roll down the giant hill (that you can't see off to the right) into 5 lanes of traffic. We'd been away for at least 2 hours...and wondered what the store owners and other shoppers thought as we just walked over to the car, got in and nonchalantly drove away. We decided our day could have spun in a completely different direction... but, sure thankful it just provided us with a furowed brow and a laugh instead.
We grilled steaks, made our original 'seacrest swirls', and hung out on the first night, & Aaron was our breakfast chef the next two mornings. He made us some killer blueberry pancakes. So proud of his massive flapjack. [Deb's blueberry pancake 101 was a lot of help!]
gettin' our kicks.
We took Carly to Hideaway for the "best pizza in OKC" and then a little arcade action. you know we left with some awesome prizes.
how carly earned her 72 tickets. shoot the hillbillies, a politically incorrect target practice.
On Sunday, we took the doggies and had lunch al fresco by the lake. It looks like Franklin's trying to get away, or that they're moving at 65 mph...but, no, just another blustery Oklahoma afternoon. walking the 'boys' along the lake...
He's not mine, but I'll claim him.
Carly's first lighthouse. Had a great visit with you! We'll do it again very soon. I'll be brushing up on my Virus Blaster.
Everyone give a 'bronx cheer' to a wonderful weekend!