Current events.

Megan, I hope you don't mind if I borrow your 'easy update' tool...

reading: lauren weisberger's Everyone Worth Knowing. thanks for the recommendation, ladies.
cooking: tonight it's the first chili batch of season & I hope to try out the cute little halloween cookie cutters we bought last week... on deck is definitely the pumpkin spice cupcakes I've been promising Aaron I'd try {pretty much since last fall}.
watching: well, I'm pretty convinced that our kids will wonder what we did without TiVo's, pretty much the same way we wonder how our parents did without remote controls. I love not having to watch crap-tv when I sit down to relax, or even just want something on in the background while I'm cooking, cleaning, doing laundry. etc. what do you have on your season pass list? We've got a little Grey's Anatomy, the Office, House, the Soup, Family Guy, Project Runway, Heroes...& a guiltly pleasure that comes on Monday nights at 9 on MTV. ehm.
recommending: Aaron & I caught the movie Fireproof this weekend. We really enjoyed this movie. I highly recommend it, it has such a strong, inspiring message that we all need to hear about marriage. As a disclaimer - it's a very small budget film, so you have to look past the 'production' part and some of the acting. But, as a Christian film, we definitely wanted to support it in the theatres. I hear it's doing very well. Go check it out for yourself -
pondering: square footage. half bathrooms. outdoor space. tiled backsplash. garage space {how delightful}. the master bathroom with separate shower...with my daily 'property search' emails from a kind, patient realtor. and of course, nervously pondering the current state of our economy and if this translates to something like a 20% down payment to be able to get into our first home...
missing: pretty much anyone I don't see on a regular basis. which is a large handful of people I care so much about...family, friends, the adorable face of my niece, Emma.
anticipating: leaving in two days for this year's NSGC {national society of genetic counselors} conference in Los Angeles! Excitingly, as a staff member, this year my department will be financing my travels & we get to stay for a full week! It's being held at the Hyatt Century City...Julie, Melissa, Christine, & I will be having our little 'slumber party' at this swanky hotel in beverly hills. I'm looking forward to the conference, but of course, thrilled about the host city this year. We'll mostly be in seminars, but will definitely steal away to see a bit of the city. I picked up a pocket guide this weekend @ Barnes & Noble, there's way too much to choose from! ...i want to be a total cliche tourist. I've put us on the list for a few studio tapings, crossing my fingers for the ones to Jay Leno!

and the icing on the cake is being able to meet up with my dear friend, Candice, who's just a short drive away in San Diego.

...I'll see you next week, unless of course, I win some cash in the showcase showdown...in which case, I might extend my trip just a little. ;)


Trae said...

"Jae Lindsay Marie Chaloner come o- wait how many names does this girl have? - huh interesting - Come on DOWN!!

way jealous sounds like there will be some fun involved - does In-n-Out burger ship to TN?

TenList said...
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TenList said...

we're rolling along...come check us out