sunshine on my shoulder...

We moseyed on up to cowboy country for their homecoming game this weekend... and boy do they go all out, their homecoming festivities are quite impressive! They took on Baylor, but wasn't quite the Bear victory we'd seen last weekend. Perhaps the most exciting was all eight of us, below, all in the same place for all the fun! Unfortunately we missed most of the tailgate action, but there are big plans to make this a new annual Chaloner tradition! Next year, we'll have a new little cowboy among us. :) the 'new' unbeatable Chaloner-trifecta.
Any baylor fans were quickly engulfed by the sea of orange.
a 'house divided'...with a few 'sibling' rivalries. Go 'pokes.

the new and improved Boone Pickens Stadium.

We stuck around for dinner & hung out, played some games @ Cody and Sarah's adorable home sweet home. While my own family may be miles away, I know I 'feel' like I have so much family nearby...and Aaron & I want to truly appreciate and take advantage of the time we all have here in Oklahoma right now. Who knows what the future holds for all of us? But, for now, this is home.
and we love it.