a B.B.B.B. weekend.

let me explain...
Up at the top of Aaron's playlist this man will always be.
Dad surpised Aaron with two tickets to his show for his birthday. Mr. "Blues Boy" King came through town this weekend at the Riverwind. ...and were we ever excited! Ladies and gentlemen.... MR. B... B... KING!

BB & Lucille playing "Rock me Baby"
It's such an unconventional show. He tells stories, jokes around, weaves in and out of songs...old and new. like they are just a bunch of buddies up there kickin' around. he has the most animated expressions. It was entertaining to say the least. and pretty amazing to be able to hear such a legend.It was a pretty small venue, which was nice. But, it was a little difficult to see at times maybe because of that. (Also thanks to my parents) we saw them play in Dallas a couple years ago, it'd be hard to top our 6th row seats to that show. But in no way did we feel like we were hearing the same songs...they have so many, and so many different styles...with the blues, it kind of launches off of such feeling that you never know what you're going to get at that moment. they don't follow a 'set list', just whatever crosses the fingertips... We flooded up to the stage afterwards - and I even got to shake his hand! Yesterday morning, I even dragged out the record player & some of his albums of Aaron's originally recorded back in the 1950s. We need some robes and some cigars & we'll be all set.

...and a couple other B's for the weekend go to checking out the new Bond movie, finding an adorable new Boutique here by us, + i'll be heading out on the last warm weekend day of the year for what has become a sunday tradition Bike ride, and lastly...Saturday morning on Saturday night. Come Thanksgiving break, Aaron will have been working everyday for a month straight. weekends + weekdays with no relief. He's on a pretty tight schedule to get some data by the 1st of December, and as you know - his little subjects don't adhere to the normal 8 to 5 weekday we all prefer. So, unfortuntately, my man's been pretty pre-occupied and overworked lately with that on top of classes and such. We've missed our usual Saturday mornings [who am I kidding, it goes well past noon when we can...] ...waking up together...the leisurely, relaxed one-on-one hang out & veg-time that just doesn't compare to any other time in the week. Instead of pouting and complaining about what we were missing, we just decided to make it happen. So when we got home, we put on our comfiest pj's, snuggled up, made a huge, hearty Breakfast spread by 8 o'clock p.m. and hung out watching Tv & movies like we were just starting our day...
try it, it comes highly recommended.