a few honorable mentions from days gone by...

[just so you don't think I only post good pictures of myself...]
Longhorn Steakhouse – [my all-time favorite place back in TN for a salad] – just opened up a few miles away from us here in the city. We even waited for its grand opening to celebrate my birthday dinner with here the Chaloners. Well, they hit three ‘strikes’ that evening with getting our food wrong, overcooked, or just plain forgotten. When it was time for dessert, we thought the waitress was bringing over a tray for us to select from…but, no, they wanted to right their wrongs by bringing us our own birthday buffet! We had slices and samples from everything on their ‘treat’ menu, with a birthday message iced onto the plate. We were all stuffed from dinner, but between the six of us, somehow managed to vacuum up every crumb. A grand slam to definitely redeem themselves.
Happy Halloween!
So, they might look like we made these with a couple of four year olds, but hey, they still taste just as good. My favorite is Aaron’s cat with the little sprinkles whiskers. Sadly, I think I ate one or two, and then had to leave the rest for him to finish when I took off last week. I’m sure he was heartbroken…and pre-diabetic.
{Program note: Aaron ‘invested’ in a gorilla suit about say, 5 years ago, and hasn’t let it go…}
So, girls, when your husband wants you to dress up as a ‘couple’ for Halloween and asks that you go as a glamorous, pretty girl with a long flowy white dress – as the Ann Darrow to his King Kong…you say yes. what you don’t say is “I want to be a banana instead!”

…”I look stuuupid.” was my exact whine. Kind of like the movie Mean Girls, where Lindsay Lohan’s character shows up to a party all gross and gory and monster-ed out only to realize that all the other girls use Halloween as their excuse to “glam it up” and get away with the most ‘scandalous’ (for a less derogatory term) outfits ever.

We had a little fun before returning it immediately for my full refund. it's peanut butter jelly time....for everyone who thinks their neighbors are lunatics.an evolutionary miracle. i found the missing link.

On Halloween night, we trotted over to Corey & Kara’s…unfortunately, I missed their annual Halloween bash & pumpkin carving while I was in California, it’s always a lot of fun, so I’m saving my non-banana costume for next year! We just had a nice, low key evening, they made us a delicious-o dinner and we passed out lots of candy to the adorable little trick-or-treaters. It’s exciting to think that they’ll have a little “pumpkin” of their own teetering around next fall!

It’s shake-and-ba….an apricot-and-cranberry pie…and I helped!

The Birthday-trifecta!

Celebrating last week at P.F. Chang’s. It’s like that class party with 24 cupcakes for ‘october birthdays’… umm, but better. :)

We hit up the free concert at OC with some friends over the weekend - it was a benefit for the wishing well project, to bring clean water to those in unreached areas of Africa. Derek Webb was the headliner, his wife Sandra McCraken and singer/songwriter Allie Rogers also played...but I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of waterdeep. I have to admit, while lyrically it can be moving, musically, a lot of Christian artists all sound the same to me...and I've never gotten into it much. I know many people that really enjoy it, and that's great. Only a handful have resonated with me personally. Well that said - if you're like me, I encourage you to check out the indie-folky waterdeep.
a shot of the Girlie Show @ the old farmers market building. so impressed. so inspiring... I walked away with a cute little handmade birdie bag...and with lots of new ideas. and plans to check out collected-thread, a new oklahoma city boutique for all things handmade or vintage, maintained by local artists. put it on your calendar for next year, ladies and gentlemen too. And pray that God would give us all an ounce of the creativity that these people have.

& last but not least of the randomness. Aaron had to go in to work today, so I took my bike [and my point-and-shoot] out to the lake hefner trails. ...a beautiful, leisurely afternoon ride in the painted landscape of autumn.

now, go enjoy the season.