Ho Ho Ho.

so, I haven't had time to post any pictures lately. or update for that matter. but, what are we all doing these days...?

...christmas shopping. christmas decorating. christmas baking. christmas cards. watching christmas movies. trying to stay warm. listening to {and dancing to} XM Holly. making homemade apple cider and hot chocolate. ...pretending our humble little two-bedroom apartment is the north pole.
so, here's an accurate representation of our cozy little quarters. we spent last weekend making every last corner very merry. This is what happens when you ride to work together...I had to stay a little late today, so Aaron had to wait on me in his car. and used his time to craft this. a pretty remarkable memory if you ask me. maybe you'll get some real pictures sooner or later. speaking of photos, anyone able to sneak me a copy of photoshop? is that possible? clearly, it's not quite in the budget. {or in accordance with copyright laws...} I have PS Elements, but it's kind of like getting one potato chip. you just end up wanting more. especially when all your talented friends can do so many creative things their chips!
you guys stay warm & have a happy weekend!


Trae said...

depending on how many email accounts you have you could download the free trial (30 days) each time it runs out.