i'm in love.

I'm sitting here looking at photos from the house we saw last night...

and Aaron says I'm glowing.
It was unbelievable. historic, charming, so much character, updated though {so not too old}, 3 bedrooms plus an adorable study, 2 baths, all original windows and doors, lots of other preserved features and built ins, 2 stories, stone tiled bathrooms and backsplash...it's on a corner lot, and there's a giant tree in the front yard, a TREE! {to my tennessee readers, this is harder to come by west of the mississippi.}
exactly what Aaron & I would love to call our first home.
Of course, there's always a drawback... we're going to have to go back in the daytime to survey the neighborhood. there were some gorgeous restored {and way pricier} houses on the street, and just across the park down the street is a very nice restored residential area {yes, a park!}...but then, there were others that we still questioned. That's just how downtown Oklahoma city is. ...and of course, with home built in 1925 you don't always get everything that modern conveniences provide - but this one actually has a garage in back! {which is very rare...and something we didn't see until we drove by} the garage would need a little tender loving care, but I think that's definitely not too much to ask...for all you get in return. & there's nothing 'cookie cutter' about this area at all. ...and most importanly of all, we could afford it. ....and now even.
Both Aaron and I were swept off our feet. Literally, Aaron kept picking Melody and I up to peek over the fence in the backyard to get a better look. Yes, we haven't even set a foot inside. Just looked in all the amazing windows. and saw these photos from my daily real estate update.

So, anyway, I haven't seemed to find the time to post about all the hustle-and-bustle-Christmas-goings-on lately...but I just had to take a sec to give you a peek at this find!


mnk ♥ said...

it's adorable! omg, I love it!

Hannah said...

It's very cute Jae. I hope it works out for ya'll