where do you want to go for dinner?

When you live in Chicago, Dallas, D.C....the food critics are always posting up the latest and the greatest. and frankly, they have the luxury of having quite the lot to choose from. In L.A., I remember being quite surprised at the quality of the meals we had in each and every restaurant we went to. I mean, in a city like Los Angeles, a 'kitchy' theme alone wouldn't suffice. With that much competition in the city, to stick it out your food had to be stinkin' awesome.
And it was. everywhere we went.

Oklahoma City has it's marvels...but, just not as easily accessible. (Googled) Being somewhat new to the city, an initial internet search lists lot of the 'obvious' culinary front runners {and not all great food has to have 5 dollar signs, monsieur.} In all fairness, they do list Braums on there...?!

So, we're not on a budget that allows for too frequent dinners out mind you. But, when we do, we've started to explore more of the local flavor of our fine City rather than your chain establishments {don't get the wrong impression...I love a stop in for some Chili's skillet queso or a Bellini with some Spicy Romano Chicken at Johnny Carino's...} But, nonetheless, i'm starting a collection of our favorites...here's my {less than} novice recommendations on good-eats around this here city in hopes of finding more and trading interesting alternatives. who takes restaurant advice from a picky eater like me anyway? Picky-eater for sure, picky restauranteur not so much. I'll try anything once. {well, I didn't eat that squirrel Jim killed, did I? I should think through these promises.}

Sala Thai.
{unbelievable, best Thai food in the city, and cheap. near 23rd + Classen.}
Saturn Grill.
{funky, fun, lots of good sandwiches. Nichols Hills Plaza.}
{organic-y. health food nutty. love anyone that isn't stingy with the avocados. trip back in time with the old fashioned soda shop & homemade ice cream. Downtown near the roundabout.}
Buddha Tao.
{pan asian fusion. whatever that really means. very zen, world-famous sushi chefs--even a sushi happy hour, and it turns into a hip nightclub after hours. not that me & gramps have ever stayed that late. Memorial Road.}
Cafe 7.
{7 sandwiches. 7 pastas. 7 salads. 7 pizzas. all prepared in 7 minutes or less for under 7 dollars. simple, and well done. I've been searching for a good chicken salad within a 7 mile radius. near Memorial on May.}
{best Indian food, not just in the city, but probably ever. That's right, Clay Pit, I said it. yeah, you should probably go here first. 122nd + Penn.}
Cafe 501.
{yummy lunch spot in Edmond, and irresistable freshly prepared desserts. try the cupcakes! Melissa & I used to treat ourselves over lunch when we worked up there. off Boulevard.}
The Wedge.
{a funky little pizza bistro we checked out last weekend with Melody. will definitely be returning to dine al fresco when the weather's warmer. on North Western.}
Spicy Pickle.
{Carly and I happened upon this place back in October. You know how crazy I am about 'yummy lunch places'? Artisan breads, flavored mayos...Grab one to share, portions are huge! I think this puppy's a chain. in the Spring Creek shopping area in Edmond.}
Sushi Neko.
{order lobster shooters. omg. & of course sit on the floor and act super cool. :) Western Ave.}
Cafe do Brasil.
{ok, i'll admit, it's that much more fun because it's South American food. branch out a little, try the Brazilian national dish Feijoada. Downtown near 10th + roundabout.}

There are plenty more menus, but I think these are the ones at the top that we'd deem really good. I'd love to trade your favorites. In an effort of comprehensiveness, some more obvious choices to add to a general list could be Mickey Mantle's, Cattleman's, Hideaway, Ted's Cafe Escondido, Red Piano Bar {for drinks & appetizers}, nothing in Bricktown {oh except maybe Earl's}, Cafe Nova, ...

Hmm, I should make a 'stear clear of....' list next.

On deck to taste, we have the newly reopened Iguana Grill and Thai Stop... and I've always wanted to try this divey place. I've heard good things. ...Don't like it?... go someplace else.
Dear Zagat executives, I'd be happy to conduct further field research on your dime.