dog days.

I've had a little bo-buddy this week. Bo is Aaron's family's shihtzu...they left him with Aaron while I was away & while they were in Colorado this week. Having a dog (...mind you, the most friendly and well behaved dog even) has made me realize two things:

1) how much Aaron wants a dog as well
2) how much I don't want an inside dog right now

Two rather conflicting realizations.
And, my goodness has he tried to change my mind. So far, my promises to get an 'outside'-dog when we have a yard were holding up just fine. But, now it seems that's not going be strong enough to hold back the doggie desire. Having him around this week definitely makes me appreciate the time and work in taking care of one, and gosh even the cleanest little dogs make me want to vacuum once a day! I think about having little ones in the house soon-ish too, and wonder if I want a pup rolling around on the floor near the baby blanket is good planning... Aaron says our kids will need to acquire their 'immunities' anyway. :) your thoughts?
I think we just need to revisit this in about SIX weeks... and, my mindset and "jam-packed planner with no room for spontaneity " will have changed dramatically. I do, however, really enjoy having a little adorable sidekick and love how much Aaron loves to play and just can't get enough of him. I know what you're thinking - geez woman, how are you going to handle a messy little baby? It'll probably end up being a valuable lesson to my uptight self...in looseing up & adapting a little bit. Hey just for starters, I even let him snuggle up on the bed... for those who know me well, that's huge.

Well, we're going to run out & grab some dinner with Aaron's family - back to pick up Mr. Jangles. & then it's over to congratulate new parents-on-deck Corey & Kara...I have a special delivery for baby-to-be. Between them, Aaron's cousin, and our new niece on the way, I can't stay out of baby Gap.


The Lees said...

Hey! How are you guys? I love all your pictures! Give my love to the rest of your family!

hey, i'm megan. ♥ said...

aww, you know me... I'm all about the pups. If it's any sweet news, Maizie is almost completely trained at 5 months... I don't know what I'd do without her!!

Trae said...

I have to tell you, i was not too keen on the "pup" thing myself and cannot wait until we move to Atlanta where we will have a back yard...however...i do kind of like having Jenis around. And i am not too terribly worried about her being around baby just because she is reasonably trained and will go away if we tell her to...

jae lindsay & aaron said...

you know, I didn't even think about Jenis, that's really true. Carly & Adam just got a cute little puppy too. Aaron's getting excited, from anyone we talk to - we've only had positives!