be enthusiastic(s).

I knew better than to start a blog when we're so busy. and busy doesn't really translate into 'interesting'. For instance, besides contributing most of our time to studying this weekend - we just rented a couple movies on RedBox, unwound and relaxed at Chili's after work, worked at the breast cancer booth at the Health Fair, and got Aaron a haircut so he doesn't start to look like Javier Bardem. or Dora the Explorer, or that guy from Metalocalypse. See what I mean? super action packed. [But really, if you haven't seen this movie...we recommend it]

A few days late, but we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! We spent it here in Oklahoma with the Chaloners this year. The easter bunny even found Aaron & I here at our apartment. :) I don't think I've been home for Easter in about four years? I don't think I realized that, hopefully we can plan on heading back to Tennessee next Spring for the occasion. It's always such a big tradition at my great grandmother's house. & at home, I'm never too old to join in on the egg hunt. even if the contents are the same cadbury eggs from 3 years before. But, we had a lovely lunch with Aaron's family, a quick photo-shoot, and they all came back to our quarters for some good ol' fashioned easter egg dying. Aaron was the shopper for the easter egg kit, as I'm sure you can imagine. see below. He even kept the C3PO mask... you know, "just in case". I think the most fun was smashing them all in the parking lot from our third floor balcony. shhh.