getting re-acquainted.

In the previous blog I attempted, my last post was December 2005 on 'our engagement'. Needless to say, I suppose I got pretty busy after that? I'll bring us up to speed. Well, on May 27th, 2007 we married for love. :) ...and that's exactly what we've been livin' on for the last 9 months. It's been quite the challenge with both the mr. & and the mrs. in school. Even so, 'the married life', as everyone always asks, is going so well. It's a wonderful feeling to be 'starting-out' with your best friend. Sure, there'll always be bumps along the way, but I've never felt so loved and respected, so hopeful about the future, and so committed to this wonderful man. I'm still so pleasantly surprised by how well we complement each other, and how easy it is. how natural things can be with us... but, perhaps I shouldn't be...from the very beginning, God was shaping us into these two individuals who would complete each other on so many different levels, and this is what he had in mind all along.

alright, that's enough of that. I'll pace myself on the mushy-stuff.

you know what? I even like living with a boy. ;) We're squatting here on the north side of Oklahoma City in a cozy litte 2 bedroom apartment. We have the spare room set up with our own desks, and spend many nights back to back buried in the books.... even back at Baylor, we always had each other as a good study buddy. I'm wrapping up my second-year as a genetic counseling grad student at OUHSC. I've just thrown myself into seeing patients on my clinical rotations and working on my thesis. When I can, I work as a research assistant for a breast cancer clinic. & Aaron just began his work toward his doctorate in Neuroscience. He's doing amazingly well, he even won an award for his 'proposed'-research last semester at the Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience Symposium. I'll have him post about his 'goings on'...my description of his research wouldn't do it justice. Let's just say one angle of his study involves 'aging'. . . & that just makes me realize how long we are actually going to BE in oklahoma.
If that's sounds a bit negative, it's because it is. I've never given Oklahoma a fair shot. I think we had a rocky start, Oklahoma and I. A lot of new changes and new challenges were thrown my way about the time I settled in here. In the coming months, I'm prepared to throw out the first impressions, and get to know what will inevitably be my hometown for quite some time... but don't worry, mom, I'll get the grandchildren back to Tennessee before they're toddling.