start me up.

So, here we are at the beginning. I've been a blogger in the past, but never kept up the habit. No promises this time. I've noticed a trend among newlyweds, and especially newly-moms, to start a 'family blog'...So, I thought I'd jump in on it & start one for aaron and I. Both of our names are at the top of this page, but let's face it - It'll most likely be me at the helm. I'm not sure what this little space will entail...nothing too incredibly interesting. I'm not really predicting much of an audience. Most importantly - I have an absolutely horrific memory, and just the mere act of journaling really will help me tremendously. I like the idea of having this as a way to share whats going on in our little world and connect with family and friends, and I'll encourage you explore a site for yourself. If I can keep up this thing, I'd love to get a 'blog'-book. yes, they make them @ blurb.com. It'd be a fun little thing to look back on years from now as a memory of just 'just starting out'...so, with that said, I guess we'll be writing to 'ourselves' overall...all random, silly, and every-day stuff. ...like about our spontaneous water-gun fight here in the apartment yesterday. well, it's not really a fair fight when one man is unarmed.
...oh, and some pictures too. but, you probably knew that.