oop Art. oop Art Art.

Good job, OKC. 10 points, you're growing on me. With the summer approaching and the promise of free-time in my future, I'm really looking forward to all the fun (and free) activities that living in a city has to offer. I spent my first 17 years in camden, tennessee (population: what? 3,500?) and then spent the next 5 years in waco, texas (which was a a huge jump for this small-town-girl, but still on the small side), and now I'm residing here in 'the city' - it's definitely the largest place I have ever called home. And, they really have a handle on keeping their inhabitants entertained...the whole summer calendar is filled with outdoor concerts, festivals, fairs... from shakespeare in the park to this weekend's kick-off with the 'Festival of the Arts'. Downtown shuts down for artists across the country to come and showcase their talent. There are 'hands-on' stations for kids, lots of musicians, and so many yummy local restaurants come out & set up booths. It was really fun, but needless to say, Aaron and I decided to wait on the 750$ original piece we liked. One of the exhbits got me craving a Hobby Lobby run to start a new decoupage project- there were some neat pieces there from a California artist, and really it was just paper! I think I lost any real creativity I had years ago, but I'd love to give it a try. I must admit, I think the most fun I had was Aaron and I's 'canadian tuxedo'-spotting contest.He won, with TEN. and I gave him an extra point, because one of the subjects was wearing shorts. unbelievable. Tonight will be less creative + cultural, well at least for the girls...Aaron and Corey are going to check out the new Ben Stein documentary about Darwinism v. intelligent design, Expelled, but Kara (who is with child) and I are going to see Baby Mama. Don't judge...the previews made me laugh out loud. :)


Kaitlin said...

i loved baby momma...what did you think?

jae lindsay & aaron said...

yes! i did too, so funny.
and I even learned a thing or two. :)