tres cher campaign trail.

So, I have to admit, I've been selfishly swamped in my studies as of late. imagine that. With the exception of my 6:30 am local news broadcast and an occasional visit to an on-line news site...I've not fulfilled my social responsibility of keeping up with the campaigns. or the kardashians. I read that John McCain was heading to Oklahoma, and I'd love to go hear what he has to say...& just be amidst all that patriotism. What do I find when I look up the events of the campaign trail? "...the general reception begins at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for the event are $2,300 per person with a Photo Opportunity, or $1,000 per person." Looks like his intent in Oklahoma is to catch up on financing. As a sign of the times, I guess I'll just have to catch it on YouTube.


Kaitlin said...

wow! 2300..that is insane! i have been enjoying your posts! you are being very dedicated! i am wanting to start a blog, but i think i am going to wait till i am a bit more settled. keep it up!

jae lindsay & aaron said...

i know, crazy right?!
& thanks, I'm actually liking it. You definitely should, & send me your page. :)

hey, i'm megan. ♥ said...

I saw McCain in Waco and it was amazing!

I wish there was a 'hometown' event like the one in Waco, for your sake...

I miss you! Sorry I've been behind on the blog-reading... I'm just obsessed with writing. Obviously.

Good luck with all your finals!!