something fishy.

the OK aquarium is more than 'ok'.

dangit, I've bought into oklahoma's citchy slogans of mediocrity.
The license plates here actually read 'oklahoma is OK.' I seem to remember Jerry Seinfeld commenting on that underwhelming sentiment when we saw him perform here in the city. I mean it could say 'oklahoma is more than OK'...but, no, we're comfortable with the honest truth around here.

So, Fact: the oklahoma aquarium has the largest tank of bull sharks found in captivity. The coolest feature of this aquarium is the 'touch tank' where aaron & I got to pet baby sharks and slimy little sting rays.
We had a great time, just browsing through the exhibits with the fascination of little four-year-olds. I think we need to freelance for the aquarium and sell them our awesome pictures!
I'd never been to Tulsa before...it's actually a really neat place, who knew? It has a lot of character, and even has a little artsy side. Aaron's last final was friday morning, so we had a blast enjoying our first guilt-free weekend together... this guy can make anything, and I do mean about anything, just that much more fun. We just grabbed some lunch on their new riverwalk, and spent the rest of our time at Utica Square. We found a great restaurant with outdoor seating (jae's must-have of the season), the Wild Fork, and continue to fine tune our art of dining 'fancy' but still at a Chili's price.

I'm really trying to take full advantage of this little sabbatical. I'm starting to catch up on all the things I've put aside... I've put my pinkie toe in the water of cooking - I made this the other night, if you're looking for a new recipe, it's yummy and really easy. I've begun to make 'plans' for all my lovely friends to come visit or to go visit them over the summer months... Hannah & Jonathan are coming over the fourth-of-july, and we're still working on the calendar for Angela and Logan's visits. I'm looking to go visit my dear friend Candice in San Diego, and Carly & Adam in Dallas over the next month as well. ...and look out - I even started a little crafty project [of which I would tell you about... but, most likely, you'll all start receiving my little homemade gifts for upcoming occasions.] I know, 'homemade gifts' makes me wince a little too, I'm not going to lie. just trust me.


Kaitlin said...

Hi Jae! Hope you are enjoying sunny FL! I just got back from Grayton Beach with 16 friends! We had a blast! I followed your link to the cooking blog...looks great! I have been reading thesmittenkitchen.com for about a year now. It is great! I think you might like it! Congrats on graduation! I am looking foward to being a "real person" too. I have a job at St. Jude in Memphis and will be living on Mud Island! Keep up the good blog work!

jae lindsay & aaron said...

hey there, that's so neat - we actually are just a few miles down 30A from grayton beach. Did you hit up the red bar while you were there? and Congratulations on the new job! what will you be doing?

Kaitlin said...

We did go to the red bar. it is so delicious! I started the new job this week. I work in the collegiate devision of the national program marketing department. I help manage Up 'til Dawn and St. Jude's partnership with Tri Delta. I am also going to be over a new program called Rally Against Childhood Cancer. It raises money for St. Jude in high school. The girl that is my supervisor was actually really great friends with Bevin while they were in school together...small world! I haven't read your new posts yet...but I hope you had a great time in Florida and are enjoying being out of school!