sunny FL.

beach bound in T minus 4 hours!
Our kind friends, Carly & Adam, are having us crash at their place tonight before our flight out of DFW in the morning. In a very chandler-esque voice, could we be any more excited?
Soaking up the sun...poolside...beachside... reading books ( and magazines with celebrity gossip that I'd never be caught with undless I was at the beach or at a hair salon...) ... sipping drinks, visiting the little shops, riding bikes, eating delicious food...oh, and going out at night in cute girly sundresses and for the men, adorable white linen shirts, with that fresh glow and tanned skin. This year, I think we're also going to join in on a small charter trip & and try our hand at deep sea fishing! what a happy celebration of finishing up school and ringing in one year of marriage with my very best friend. Bon Voyage & we'll see you in June!