set an open course for the virgin sea.

Summer 'officially' doesn't even begin for 5 days, but we've officially rocked it already. There will be no vitamin D deficiency for this girl. [now July and onward will be lit by fluorescent clinic lights...but at least for June, I'm good.] I've definitely enjoyed my stay back home, but I wish I had my other half with me, hanging out & just spending quality time with the family. The first day we hit up the lake, brought a picnic, ran the sails...and with only a whopping 2 mph wind [oklahomans say what], we ended up getting creative pulling each other behind the sailboat with ropes. We probably looked ridiculous, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We spent Sunday afternoon very traditionally with the whole family out in Holladay, TN. Church, Grilling out, playing with the kids...shooting a 22. you know, the usual. It's spending my first 17 years doing just this every Sunday of my life that still leaves a little empty spot on Sunday afternoons in Oklahoma...without a whole family around and a fresh plate of fried okra. I think it's time to start a new long-distance Sunday tradition to fill that niche and create new memories...

it took 40 pictures to capture this...muzzle flash, is that what it's called? The boys were quite proud.

With Emma's arrival, we now have a living 5-generation family...
Emma, Dad Trae, Grandma Gigi, Great-grandma Jackie, and Great-Great-grandma Mama Bowman.

I've really enjoyed my relaxing week hanging out with Mom - we've hit up the pool by day and enjoyed some girly time [i.e. sex and the city and nights in the hot tub]. I miss being here... not just 'home', but Tennessee in general. I probably should stay put with the horrendous gas prices, but I've enjoyed a few drives since I've been here...it's just so gorgeous. and you don't have to 'go looking for it' 60 miles away from the city or anything. Nature was good to Tennessee. They're playing my song, as that old commercial sang. I'm sorry, Oklahoma, you just can't compete. I'll try and find your strong suit, so I don't embarrass you here. I've still 2-3 more days, in the morning we're off to the smoky mountains to run the rapids!


mnk ♥ said...

you feel for TN like I feel about TX...OK and AL are the stepchildren (albeit not ugly).

get better with that RMSF!! I miss you!