time away.

Plenty of miles separate us this weekend. Aaron's spending time with the Chaloners and lots of extended family in Wichita, Kansas. And, although I'm sad to be flying solo this trip, I'm thrilled to be spending a week in Tennessee with my family. Definitely the last trip to visit home without hefty planning and taking vacation time. This 'kid'-summer is about to come to a close, I am so thankful for this highly recommended hiatus I've been able to take before starting my big-kid job & saying goodbye to summer breaks for good.
So far, I know we're headed for a full day of sailing out at the lake tomorrow. Let's hope I brought some of that Oklahoma wind with me... & Mom's taking us white-water rafting next week! I started out my trip in Memphis last night with Angela (a close friend from my hometown) with drinks on the rooftop of the Peabody hotel, dinner at Cafe51, and a stop at the Flying saucer for some great music & hundred's of different kinds of 'ale'. This was a 'low key' night for them. ha! I had an absolute blast, and loved getting to catch up with Angela, see her new art studio space, and get a glimpse into her new downtown lifestyle. I told her, hands down, she's my new rockstar friend.
I'd better ske-daddle. boy, can you tell I'm back in the sticks?