...to one year!

and now making his debut in 2008... it's the top-tier himself. my gratitude to the french confection for the preparations and to my grandmother for storing this in her deep freezer for a year. Grandma, I have to admit, I wouldn't have been at all surprised if there had been a little chunk missing. It would have been quite tempting with a growling tummy during a 2 a.m. fridge raid.

After pulling it out of its 'storage', I half expected it to have a hint of the frozen corn, peas, and jams it was sharing a space with. But to my surprise, it preserved oh-so-well.

It is a little weird to bite into something and think... Hmm, this is a YEAR old. Who thought of this splendid tradition? seems like a little 19th century Fear Factor to me.

trying to fake me out.

oh yeah, he likes it.

so, this is what he did for the next 10 days to finish the whole tier off. that last layer serves a LOT of guests, or Aarons.