retail therapy.

Can you lust after a handbag?
warning: superficial display of affection.

What's funny... if I could have predicted such unrestrained infatuation... I would have assumed these feelings would have been for something much nicer, like maybe a rust colored vintage-style Hobo. But, no, crazy peacock feathers have me under their spell. I think I like the little colorful 'whimsy' that I can add to my seemingly 'professional' [ahem...drab...by comparison anyway] clinic wardrobe that I seem to be compiling. [product detail] ...oh, how I miss this store. their whole website will have you drooling. over drawer pulls and doorknobs. Although there are much larger problems in the world, and even my world, all I can wonder is why the nearest Anthropologie is back in Texas? At least you guys have one in Tennesee now. You know, so you can shop for me. ;)


Kaitlin said...

I am in love with Anthropologie as well! I love their kitchen things just as much as thier clothes. Unfortunately I moved farther away from the one in Nashville...but a glimmer of hope! I am traveling to Boston next week and there is one there! Yes! Hope things are going well...the cake looks yummy!