go ahead.

I'm an easy person to get to say... "that made my day." but, I truly mean it each time.

that said, three things yesterday earned my excited-stamp-of-approval. mine, maybe not yours. but, how could I not share these day-making new finds?

First off. Pops 66. It's this modern...space-age...yet, throw-back to celebrating the fizzy goodness that is soda pop. It's actually just a gas station... with a window of rainbow bottles to lure in travelers from the pump. The giant 66-foot soda bottle out front also makes it a little irresistable not to peek in and check out what's going on in there. The name's Pops "66" and it's a "66" foot soda because it's located along historical route "66"...did I lose you on that one? Well, with over thousands of different flavors to choose from... you can only imagine what was so magical that got my attention. You guessed it, Dublin Dr. Pepper. [some of you are rolling your eyes that I gave a carbonated beverage such an intro... others of you are so not surprised. and to my fellow okc-er's, you know you're just a little excited.] Maybe we'll have another post one day, an 'ode' if you will, on the goodness that is a soda made with real cane sugar...and the history of dr. pepper. and the 10-2-4 method. and how the fact that Dr. pepper was invented in Waco, Texas was an eerie nod that I was to go to Baylor. ok, not really. but...maybe?

Ok, item number 2 on the list. [men should probably skip this.]
There are plenty of fashion websites & magazines that advertise... you know, "Great knock-offs"...or "Splurge v. Steal"... They always offer the affordable alternatives to these pricey designer clothes, shoes, handbags. I've always found that the Splurge is a hermes silk scarf for $300 or a chanel handbag for $1,500...and the steal is a $150 scarf with a $300 purse from Macy's...
Ok, what normal person considers that bargain shopping? Well, this website:
I absolutely love. She follows the sales for you, and actually makes me interested in on-line shopping. Their real-life ideas are $20 flowery sundresses and $14 gladiator sandals... Go check it out, some more foot traffic may make her post even more often.

And, last. I shouldn't tell you that I fell over on the couch with excitement. No, I shouldn't tell you that. Because it's about a television show. and that would be lame and embarassing, right? It's no secret over here that since a few years back when my cousin was on the show, I haven't missed a season of Big Brother. Did I say season? Thanks to TiVo, I doubt I've missed an episode. Well, we're getting a double dose this year folks... that's right, season 9 ended in April [none to soon I might add...many a nights I pondered: thesis or head-of-household competition?]...and it's back again this summer. ...Starting Sunday 8/7c on CBS. Look out.

wow, this was a really silly post.


Kaitlin said...

i am looking forward to checking out the site! have you been enjoying the amazingness that is the smitten kitchen?