Le weekend à stillwater.

I've spent the last half hour perusing the lifechurch.tv website. Aaron's brother, Cody, is the college pastor of LifeChurch in Stillwater - definitely a college town, thanks to OSU of course. Miraculous forces of the universe were aligned this weekend and we actually were able to get both our schedules synchronized long enough to go visit Cody & Sarah in Stillwater, OK this weekend. They were lovely hosts [& cooks!] and lovely playmates...we had quite the "field day" playing yard games. It was fun to catch up, relax, & spend a little time in their neck of the woods. [Anecdotal-ly, it's not everywhere that you can forget your very large purse sitting next to a bench on a town sidewalk only to return to find it untouched, exactly where you left it.]
We also really enjoyed getting to see the church where Cody works. I'd heard a lot about lifechurch, but I had never actually been to one. I say, 'been to one', because they have many campuses spread out, mostly in oklahoma - but, I read they even just started one in hendersonville, tennessee. Satellite broadcasts connect each campus so that essentially several churches are joined in worship. It's such a unique vision, I suppose you should check out the website. As someone who's just been once, I'm not exactly qualified to give you their full bio. They also have an internet campus, which I'd been reading about, so I suppose...it's even reaching others and connecting believers from around the world. I really like that, because LC is very technology-forward, their messages/sermons from all campuses are available for download. We were there last night for part of their summer series "At the Movies". I was blown away when I walked in the building - 'Back to the Future' was the theme for the lobby. We stepped right into Hill Valley itself. There was a movie theatre, lou's cafe, the famous 'clocktower', a filling station...even a flux capacitor. The only thing missing was Marty McFly himself. They both worked really hard on it. [Sarah said that absolutely nothing in this photo is usually there in the lobby. wild.]

<"At the Movies", a message series where we screen today's blockbuster hits in a way that will impact you like never before. > This is a huge outreach for their church, just another unique way of involving the community and using a familiar medium to change lives...


Trae said...

I'm sure aaron was in heaven, ha ha. That sounds really awesome, kind of reminds me a little of UBC (yes/no?) The picture looks awesome sounds like you guys had a blast.