priced to move.

Did you know that bras are a hot item at a yard sale? yeah, me either.
And, T-shirts too, no matter their condition. I think I sold every single one. [I ended up taking a few off the table, and decided I'd like to make, or have made, one of these t-shirt quilts for my collection of 'sentimental' shirts from college that I don't wear anymore. what a neat idea, right?]
Many lessons learned. We've started a tradition, it seems, with Aaron's family...a mid-summer yard sale in his hometown to pull out some extra cash for...oh, i don't know, a trip, a student loan, or simply gas $ for a wedding coming up in two weeks (yay!). There were several families that pooled their 'treasures' together, and we had it right 'in town'.

we had a pretty big set-up. yes, they are a lot of work. but really, they're pretty fun too. especially in a small town.

rockin' the casbah.

it was nearly 100 degrees that day, & these two little cuties got in on the sales, whipping up some ice cold lemonade.

Sophie and Keilee cranking the homemade ice cream.

At last year's sale we raked in nearly 400$ as we sold off our 'duplicates', merging two stocked apartments into one little love nest. This year, Aaron & I didn't have as many 'big ticket items', but little by little we ended up with $180. It pays not to packrat. I even scrounged through some of our stuff we don't use, & I ebay-ed a few items this week & made an extra 300$! see, I'm trying to earn my keep in some way. every little bit definitely counts. I feel like I should freeze-frame and explain my latest Zack Morris make-money-fast scheme. Next week, tune in as I start an all girl dance group and Aaron heads to the local cable-access station to sell his homemade spaghetti sauce. Oh yeah, does anyone want to buy a class ring?


Allen and Jessica said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, girl!! :) I absolutely love your blogspot. . . Your background is beautiful. You're obviously way more familiar with blogging than I am. :) You should teach me a few things.

tiffany said...

This may help:

Happy quilting!!

mnk ♥ said...

you inspired me... I need to do a little closet clean-out myself. I'll let you know how it goes :)