headed to enjoy nature to the 'natural' state..

What lovely timing… [1 planned & cleverly orchestrated, and one not-so planned, by assumption.]
To have a Birthday & a Wedding Anniversary that fall on national holidays...
August 31st over labor day, and May 27th over memorial day.
A 3-day weekend with a little getaway is always a welcomed way to celebrate!
So, I’ll be turning over into my 25th year…and we’ll spending the long holiday at the L-A-K-E in a cabin @ Hot Springs, Arkansas. That’s pretty much the ‘mid-point’ for my family and I between Oklahoma & Tennessee… brilliant, I know! We’re getting all geared up and strapping down an early birthday gift that’s just my size…

…with ambitious plans to keep up with Aaron on his! Hopefully I’ll do much better, now that I’m not steering with my fingertips on a Men’s XL. We’re practically a Specialized commercial!

Hope you have a safe & happy holiday weekend. No laboring. Take it easy…