small town saturday night.

When you're from a small town, you can appreciate the anticipation that comes this time of year when the "fair rolls around...". [you have to describe it just like that.] It's pretty much the highlight of the summer.... just as school begins and everyone's clinging to the daylight and carefree nights that summer provided. Actually, unless you got a pretty hip 'regional' celebrity to grand marshall your town's Christmas parade, or say, the high school football team went to 'state'... it might even be the highlight of the whole year. I can even remember rehearsing my answers to the 'on-stage interview' for the Benton County Fairest of the Fair...
"Contestant number 5, What do you like most about the Benton County Fair?" ...something about not just another thing to do, but an town event that truly brings the whole community together! A sense of 'small-town' friendliness, that your 'big cities' lacked. The memories, the entertainment, visiting with friends & neighbors, something for all ages!... [and throw in that 'community' word again at the end, that's good. double points if you can some how mention 'church'.]

May have been quite canned and cliche, but still true. I definitely have a lot of fond memories from that 3rd or 4th week in August. Trae & I had a whole aquarium full of little pet fish we'd won, all named after American Gladiators. I remember in junior high how much we all collected those 'paper-framed' graphics of things like Saved by the Bell and the Taco Bell dog. I actually remember getting into lots of trouble for bringing home one with Beavis & Butthead. I remember riding rides every night out on the Midway with those little orange bracelets thanks to Bevin, and screaming our heads off riding that fateful 'Zipper'. I remember elementary school, stocking up with probably a years-worth of candy cigarettes my friend Amy. [they even puffed some kind of 'powder'.] That giant pole that they greased down and then tempted people to climb with a 100$ bill at the top...Tractor pulls, diaper derbys, funnel cakes, those smelly animals, all the booths...and bringing home trophies and ribbons for everything from coloring contests & beauty pageants to homemade german chocolate cakes. Say what you want, good times. great oldies.

So, my pleasure, I got to travel to Aaron's hometown, a little place even smaller than my own, for his hometown fair. Theirs is so unique - their rides and games are not run by 'questionable carnival-folk'...no, each ride has been owned by someone or a business in the town for years and years. Some homemade, some handed down. They're all operated and 'built' by members of the community. [+2 pts] Yes, this town with a population of 2,000(?) owns its own ferris wheel. Aaron's mom worked an hour at the kiddie boats, and his dad at the Swings. Every face is familiar. It's quite endearing.

The view from the top. So very Stars Hollow.

Cody & Sarah on the ferris wheel.

Trying our luck @ Bingo. You can just imagine all the awesome prizes we had our eye on! ;)

But, we weren't finished with our trip outside of the 'city'. On Saturday, We headed out for a leisurely evening of fishing with Aaron's dad. Check out this guy, we were in the fence with him. Which apparently isn't even remotely a big deal. But, those horns looked quite pointy to me.

scaring away all our fish in the paddleboat.It's quite relaxing...especially near sundown. The casting and reeling...the water so still and peaceful, and the evening so quiet [until a 'fish' got loose in the paddleboat, then I disturbed the harmony.]

Michael was our MVP, catching six bass on this trip. He definitely knows what he's doing.

Michael = 6. Aaron =2. Jae =2.
I got my first bite & started reeling it in...I was just happy to catch anything. When I saw Aaron's eyes when he saw my fish, that's when I really got excited, apparently I had caught a pretty good size Bass.
From Michael and Aaron, I learned all about lures, and lines, different reeling & casting for different kinds of fish. Call me a fisherwoman.

oh...and church. [+4]


The Lees said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Kaitlin said...

Wow...you just brought back a lot of Benton County Fair memories. I am headed home this weekend, and you can bet that I will be purchasing a candy apple. Let me know about your Memphis fiasco when you get a chance!