a little culture and a little cake.

Aaron's way of facing an unstoppable Monday is by asking me to remind him about our weekend. Near the end of a Sunday evening, something about hearing a great weekend synopsis allows him the satisfaction of a weekend well done...and he's okay with moving on to the work week. When I say synopsis, I do mean 'complete'. He'll let me know if I miss a tiny detail. This weekend, the recap was very well received... he usually has a smile on his face when I get to the end, almost like he's proud of ourselves or something. So, no, I don't think you really want me to do the same. But, I thought a few highlights of our bustling Sunday could earn it's way on the page...

Aaron's former youth-pastor and Corey's dad, Dave, has started a new church - now, I don't know the group's philosophy or anything. But, what I gather, is that the vision involves a step back from the seemingly corporate 'institution' of the larger churches with a focus on community, purpose, and personal relationships. Now, I was just there once [please feel free to enlighten me], and it was a very non-traditional, unique Sunday morning. We met at the Oklahoma Museum of Art, for starters. The current traveling exhibit is artifacts from Roman history from the collection in the Louvre in Paris. For the message that morning, Corey did a great presentation on early Christian art, and for the exhibit - introduced what was happening with Christianity during the same time that these pieces on display were being created.

We stuck around after visiting the main attraction... we explored the rest of the museum & grabbed some 'brazilian food' with Aaron's friend, James. ...I really use 'quotations' a lot don't I? Sometimes, not correctly either. makes it seem like 'brazilian food' is code for something... I will not get better, either. get used to it.

Well, certainly I 'want' to 'extend' my 'birthday wishes' to baby mama herself, Kara Fuller! They had a whole host of family & friends out to celebrate the big day out at Hafer Park. We grilled out...well, we ate...played games and just hung out.

I don't have a pictures of the whole cake, but a friend of theirs made an adorable cake with 'pool scene', Kara's holding up herself with a little baby bump laying out on a pool float.