so, there are people who are into blogs... and these people, I've learned, have a nifty little secret about this new little technological community. I'm starting to really enjoy it, and I enjoy finding blogs about things I enjoy or want to learn more about... design, cooking, photography... anything that involves exploring the less-used side of my type-A brain. There's truly something for everyone out there. Fixing cars? yep. Political Activism? yep. Christianity? you bet. Pregnancy? heck yes, in detail, I might add. Delightfulblogs is a cute little starting point for perusing this craft, by interest. mainly, for women though. I like it that saying the word 'blog' no longer is whispered in the same hushed tones as if we were talking about [whispers] 'sex'.
Let's face it, blogs are definitely becoming part of our 'culture'. Take it or leave it, to each his own. But, I think I'll take.

Well, the new (to me) trick up the veteran bloggers sleeve is Google Reader. Instead of clicking once a day on news, blogs, friends' sites, and ones that you stalk regularly... you can easily type in [add subscriptions to] your favorite sites that have 'feeds'. pretty much any blog. They'll all be there on your Google Reader or your igoogle page, and it will let you know when there's a new post from any of your authors. Really keeps the incessant clicking and checking to a minimum. Think off all that time you have back in your life?

yes, I know we could argue the irony of that one all day long... But, for now, Enjoy. I'm off to make some garlic-mustard glazed chicken skewers for my soon-to-be-home workin' man. Is it so-very backwards that I want one of these ? I think the modern woman can do what she wants... I can work at the hospital all day, and pretend I'm in a 60's sitcom all night.


mnk ♥ said...

you are so stinkin' adorable. tell you what, come to our wedding and we'll dance the night away! :) hahaha, but seriously--y'all are invited 1) and 2) we'll meet up in tennessee sometime, how's that? jason mraz is playing in nashville (and hotlanta!) in october, would you guys be interested in going? I know you're not there right now, permanently, but if you were by chance going to be in TN that weekend, that'd be amazing!! i miss you, j!

Kaitlin said...

I am catching up on my blog reading...I am glad to see that you are still enjoying Smitten Kitchen. Deb never ceases to amaze me! I used the cake recipe that she used for the wedding cake for Ross' birthday cake and it was AMAZING!! Have you checked out the aprons at Anthropologie? I have 4. Seriously. I am addicted.