obligatory first-day-of- photo.

I think the posts are going to drop off for a while, you know... since I've got a job and all.
[she says casually]... !!
Got a career, I guess I should say.
First day on the job as a genetic counselor. Mom, you can put this photo with the rest. All the way down back with the one of a snaggle-toothed little Kindergardener with a blonde side ponytail, denim dress, and my awesome little white and red lunchbox.
Had I looked back that day, I'd have seen that little girl through the peephole. Once and for all, closing the door on my childhood. I think I said that when I started grad school, because it didn't feel very fun-and-games-ish any longer. But, now, I mean business. ::sticks tongue out:: yuh-huh. ok, so we never really grow up, do we? I think aaron & I have always unashamedly hung on to the joys of youth. It's a good day when you realize maturity doesn't come at the expense of your personality, your sense of humor... when you find that childlike is a very different word from childish, embrace the innocence, the energy, and the fun.

I sure am liking this, though. I feel very proud, a definite 'finish line'... and sense of accomplishment. not quite Nastia Liukin-caliber, mind you. But, it's all relative. I could never say I did this myself, for I've had amazing encouragement , love, and help along the way. But, at times, I felt very self-sufficient, and definitely felt the burden all upon my shoulders. I'm proud to have taken on [just barely a smidgen away from] financial independence when starting grad school, taken on responsibilities, and in the words of Tim Gunn..."made it work". It makes the end-result that much more rewarding.

I'm loving the job thus far. I'm not able to see patients until my license comes through, just days away. Then, I'll be Jae Lindsay Chaloner, MS, LGC...and next August, hopefully, CGC. But, they've kept me quite busy, nonetheless. For the most part, my job will have me seeing families down in clinic. But, for now I'm working on patient preps and now two manuscripts to be published in 'esteemed' genetics academic journals. I'm pretty excited, can you tell? ...and I find absolute joy in organizing my new office... I'm sure I'll post a photo when I'm all set up. I love seeing where other people spend the majority of their days, feel free to indulge me, helps me feel connected. & I tried to mask my utter excitement when given unlimted access to 'office supplies'. I'm ridiculous at an Office Max. Please don't laugh, it's a very guilty pleasure. It'll lead to my book deal one day "Maximizing Productivity through an Organized Workspace"...

This is our first weekend all summer without 'big' plans. & we decided, it's kinda nice. You definitely don't have to jet off to Bali every weekend. sometimes, you need to veg. should you have a similar veg-fest this weekend, I give you this website ...we've found that their recommendations are very 'on'. [combined with amazon unbox, it's incredibly effortless.] Aaron starts back to classes next week, which means I'll be an official PhD widow. [and he might have to take an obligatory first-day back photo as well...] So, you might see more of me then. Until then, I'm off to enjoy grilling some 'Olympics-inspired' Asian steaks & enjoying my husband with free-time...


Kaitlin said...

I think you have just changed my life with the unbox! I had no idea. What other Tivo secrets do you hold? I was wanting to cook an Olympics inspired meal as well. Send me a link to your recipe if you get a chance! Just to let you know...my mom got so mad at me when I told her that I did not take a picture on my first day of work. The next time she was in Memphis, she took my picture by the door and just said that she could pretend

jae lindsay & aaron said...

Tivo Secret #2 - [again, these are for people who connect to TiVo through internet rather than a phone line]
when you click on 'Music, Photos, Products, & More' - you can access your online photos [if you use picasa like we do, or photobucket] to look at favorite photos or grab a picture to share a story with someone. It's like having a 36" digital photo frame!