deep in the heart of texas.

take four girls, add in a roadtrip to texas and what-we-do-best {shop} and you have an eventful, fun-filled weekend with the Chaloner ladies. with no hotels that nearly caught on fire. no sir, not one.
Salado is an adorable little town that hasn't ever heard the word 'commercialism'. Local boutiques and cafes line the streets. It's an ideal main street america, I imagine their friendly folk just strolling down the sidewalks knowing every face, every name. ...
{it's like I could see Luke's diner right there on the corner...}
It was neat to consider that all four of us chicas were born into families full of brothers. We had such a blast having some 'girl time'. It's awesome to have this new sister-ly bond together.
a light lunch at a fancy-pants Tea Room, two X chromosomes required.
Could never get away with this if we had our guys in tow...

- a cute little town where scenes like this exist along our walk -
wait a minute, there was a boy on this trip after all...

...& the next day, we woke up and surprise - shopped some more. I should have counted the number of times we said "...that's cute!" over the weekend. with just SPICE alone, we probably met our quota. By the way, I'm so ready to start my own store. No really, we can discuss my business plan in a later post.
This is where I give my shout out to Terry & Jo. you did it right guys. Our dogs were pretty tired by the end of the trip...
Thanks for a fun time, sistas.
Mark your calendars for the 2nd annual girls trip, next year southlake town square!