snow news is good news.

Countdown to Colorado...
T minus 2 Days.
Everything from planning weddings to thesis deadlines has kept us away from the slopes for the last couple annual ski trips, usually with the Chaloner family to wolf creek, colorado - a tradition in their family going back some 20 years. {you can imagine how awesome Aaron looks on a pair of skiis after all that practice.} It's a shame, because there's not a whole lot that we get more excited about than going skiing. So this year, we're back on the wagon! And, it's my turn to take Aaron along with some of my family to Breckenridge, Colorado.

{Us circa 2004 on our first ski vacation together. }

I have a coat that fits now.

Who knew we'd be where we are today?...and talking about bringing our little ski-schoolers out on the bunny slope someday...?
Well okay, we probably did. And both of our families. hey, we weren't that big of a mystery.

Looking forward to all the snow, Claimjumper {that's Breckenridge, right?} & the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains!


Trae said...

but Aaron calls the run "sooner" remember?