the shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullabye...

Rocky Mountain High.
we didn't have to 'pray for snow' on this trip...
a little limited in our visibility, but great fresh powder dude.
We flew in to Denver, & managed three whole days of skiing on the mountain. Breck's base {that's what the cool kids call it} is 168 inches, and I'm pretty sure we were there for a large portion of that collection.
Needless to say, it was an absolute blast. Ski trip is pretty much synonymous with super-awesome-fun-time. Aaron and I even started talking about how much fun it would be to live in Colorado. so, when the time comes to flee from the sooner state, if the jobs aren't right back home in Tennessee, we'll consider the mountain state for sure.
We all returned with sore bodies, boot bang, red faces, and big smiles. For people who haven't been before, I can imagine wondering about the physical beating, the 2 degree windchill .... and that's supposed to be fun?
It so is.
we enjoyed the lovely beating with these yahoos.
we stayed at a cozy mountain cabin near the Gondola mid-station.
meaning: ski in and ski out.
meaning: ok, well haul your gear, or pole 200 yards...but still, pretty swell.
We have some pretty awesome ski bums in this bunch.
{Aaron took some video, but I'm not sure how to get it uploaded on here...?}

This year was Coi's first outing on the mountain,
she was working her awesome boarding skills in no time.
to the Chaloners, we didn't forget the anvil chorus + riiiicola + have you seen the 30 pointer?
but, Michael, we left ticklish reuben all for you.
We usually go 'spring-skiing', so I have to say I was pretty concerned about going the third week in January. I was prepared to be miserably cold. I wear 4 layers on top, 4 layers on bottom.
yes, i'm a huge puff ball. think Ralphie's brother... "I can't put my arms down!"
These lift rides are usually the most brutal - freezing temperature wise. Well, my friends, I have to say... I think living in Oklahoma has toughened me up. The icy weather was nothing without 40 mph frigid winds. Quite pleasant, and kept the complaining to a minimum. Only my fellow okies could understand. "...you can talk to God and listen to the casual reply."
a sweet soma-reward just out the back steps. Our Uncle Lynn and Aunt Liz live in Colorado Springs, so they came up to join us for a day of skiing, great hearty meals, and some hard core evening activities. We learned new card games and played board games until it was time to dance on the table. no, really.
On our last evening, we sadly poled back to the cabin - after Aaron managed to be the last skiier on peak 7 {even after the ski patrol}. Behind a fortress, Trae and Coi had been planning for our return armed with 30 perfectly crafted snowballs. After the attack, we set out to find some great sledding hills--er roads.
fun's not over yet...
a successful snow tunnel.
Unexpectedly, we timed our trip with Breckenridge's annual international snow sculpture championships. They start with a twenty-ton block of packed snow and end up creating these amazing masterpieces!
in addition to the great runs, the little city itself is an adorable mountain town with lots of shops and restaurants lining the snowy streets.
{skip the scented Swiss House, or at least have the foresight to duck out like we did.}
The last day it was supposed to be a total white-out with wind chill of some negative integer. Well, miraculously, the clouds opened up and it looked like this.
You know, you really can look a lot better at this sport when the sun comes out & you can see where you are going! We mostly stuck to blues, but hit some blacks this day too. Aaron skiied great, and he thinks I am a ski-orexic {where I don't think I ski as well as I do}, so I guess I'm not half bad myself. Either way, it's an awesome hobby to share with my husband.

As it turns out, we ended up being snowed out of Oklahoma City when it was time to come home. Our flight was cancelled because of the ice storm in okc {and fortunately so was our whole campus!} so, Aaron and I bunked up in a hotel in Denver, relaxed, hung out and caught Gran Torino with our extra time before heading back the next day.
Thanks to all of our fellow snow bunnies for a great little trip. {more snapshots here}
A good time was had by all.