miss miscellaneous.

1. When you think of Oklahoma, you don't usually think 'Movie Set' now do you? Well, Aaron and I are hoping for our big break in The Killer Inside Me. Sometimes my poking around on the internet can find some pretty random stuff. For instance, on a whim we submitted 'headshots' to be extras in a movie that's being filmed in Guthrie, Oklahoma (an adorable little norman-rockwell town just north of here). We'd be 'characters' from the 1950s, complete with a wardrobe fitting the day before. It's starring Kate Hudsun, Casey Affleck, and Jessica Alba. So, yeah, talk about random... but could be fun! If you're in Oklahoma and want to join in for your 15-minutes, let me know & I'll hook you up with my agent---err, website. We'll see if we make the casting cut!

2. Aaron & I are signing up to ride in the Red Bud Classic this year. Marsha, one of my co-workers, was just telling us about how much fun this is! It's a bicycle race to benefit Boys Ranch Town, a christian mission organization. It's actually a whole weekend of events, kicking off with a pre-race pasta on the pond hosted by Bellini's. There's a 10, 33, and 52-mile race on Saturday. Since its just a few weeks away, this year we'll probably just do the 10 mile. Our usual trek around the lake is about 13 miles, so clearly this'll just be for the fun of it. But, next year, maybe we can race a little more adventurously! All in all, it'll be for a great cause & likely lots of fun. If you're up for it, sign up here and come along for the ride!

3. so, the academy may have beaten us to it - but aaron & jae lindsay give slumdog millionaire our four thumbs up.

4. One thing I could say I'm not modest about would be my handwriting. Yes, I'll admit it. It's good. I've had, on more than one occasion, someone want a 'font' of it for themselves. and, goodness, wouldn't I have loved that for writing thank-you notes for our wedding? So...guess what I found? A site that will do it for free! {not to mention they have some pretty cute ones available to download} - Mine's not ready just yet, I'll be sure to share it with you - but check this site to try scratching out one of your own!

5. Recipe file {still keeping up with my promise...}

  • Easy. - Tortilla Black Bean Soup from Everyday Food Magazine. If I may be so bold, add some shredded chicken, sprinkle some cheese & cilantro on top, & serve with avocados. and yes, enjoy lots of leftovers.
  • Even Easier. - so, I had three things to work with. {I'm trying to come up with ways not to waste any of our groceries...it's kind of a fun little challenge. and helpful to the house-savings-fund.} try this: tilapia fillets, cilantro sprigs, sliced limes, & use the zest too - lay on parchment paper inside a baking pan, then wrap another piece of parchment paper over the top, rolling the ends to make a 'bag'. Bake at 425 for 20-25. Talk about simple, but lots of flavor and pretty stinkin' healthy. {On the fillets, I made a rub just mixing a bunch of different spices - cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, tony chacere's creole seasoning, the lime zest, s/p...pretty much anything you like}
  • Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. - favorite new find, can't keep it to ourselves: blue elephant green curry paste. start from scratch Thai food can pretty complicated for us Americans, taking days of preparation, & not to mention the ingredients can't be found without driving downtown to the quirky international market. So, this is the first ever ethnic mix that I've found that actually bears any resemblance to 'the real thing'. and trust me, I've tried lots. Anyway, with this one - you still add chilis, sliced chicken, fresh basil, fish sauce, and coconut milk . I stocked up on my last trip to Dallas, you can find them online or at World Market. worth checking out, I'd be very surprised if you don't absolutely love it!

6. if you like to thumb through glamour magazine, then don't pass this up: they're offering a year subscription for $1.50! {their price in 1939} ...yes, one dollar. and fifty cents. Mine's coming in 4 to 6 weeks. {make sure and watch your terms, I'd imagine there's an 'auto-renew' that might catch you if you aren't careful to suspend it.}

7. Sic 'em bears! ...wishing we were able to cheer on Baylor in the Big XII tournament right here in oklahoma city!

ok that's enough of the random-ness. thank heavens the weekend's nearly here...and it's bringing lots of husband-hang out time, movies, biking {please warm up!}, birthday dinner with family, studying, time with friends, wine/DVR date, cooking, sleep, crafts, laughs...

end scene.

[post edit: so, Thank goodness blogger allows updating of posts...just 30 minutes before leaving work on Friday, the Chaloners called us with a great surprise - tickets to the Baylor girls game v. OSU! We were right there to cheer them on to win after being down 17 points! Then, Saturday we snagged seats at the Mens Big XII championship between the Bears and Mizzou, sadly, it didn't turn out to be quite the same 'comeback' we needed. But, pretty neat that both the guys and girls were playing for the big twelve title, well done Bears!]

...& good luck to the girls in the championship game tomorrow!]