here comes peter cottontail...

you know that one thing that just makes you laugh, like really ridiculously side-splitting, tears in your eyes, can't get a word out, hand-flapping {think Harry on Dumb and Dumber} laugh...
{ok you can have more than one thing, but clearly these types of things are great}
I'm well aware that these things will be different for everyone.
I'm sitting on the couch last night, and a thought hits me - Easter will be here soon! You know what that means? and no, sadly my first thought wasn't immediately of Jesus, the cross, easter eggs, candy...
it was to this commercial.
that I look forward to every year.
...that has gotten harder and harder to find with each passing holiday.
until I remember...youtube! but of course!
I sing this song for about a month. {it's harder to reproduce without the back-up vocals}

here it is.

now, let me go dry my eyes.
that hippity hoppity part gets me everytime.


mnk ♥ said...

oh. my. gosh.

just watched that and died laughing. you're amazing.