...name them one by one...

As of late...
Things that make me smile, make me happy, make me stronger…

  • Encouragement from friends and family in lots of little ways recently. What would be seemingly small has meant so very much.
  • Having a bouquet of tulips waiting for me on Wednesday when I came home from working 9 hours and then had study group until 9 pm.
  • Having my husband remind me that Saturday is ‘Husband Appreciation Day’. :)
  • Letting go of the burden to solve the problems of others. It’s not my burden to bear, but nor is it theirs. God wants our hands up, and hand them over.
  • All the adorable babies in our life.
  • Letting go of just a smidgen of my uptightness and considering getting a dog… not necessarily for me, but if you know my husband – then you know for him. It’s just in the ‘discussion stages’, so take it easy or I’ll spook.
  • Getting my butt in gear. Getting organized {ok, you know that part was fun for me). And getting serious about studying for the genetic counseling board exams.
  • Finding out that I may be eligible for ‘loan forgiveness’ for a very large portion of my graduate school education {which is whopping by the way} as long as I am practicing clinically. …or maybe not, but fingers crossed…
  • Being proud of us for arriving at a place financially to buy our first home. Considering I’ve only been receiving real paychecks since September and Aaron’s on a stipend from school, I’d say we’ve been pretty resourceful.
  • ...and speaking of which, we toured an awesome home tonight that I can't stop thinking about - which was a great deal with so many things that we're looking for all in one house. so, stay tuned.
  • Exciting summer vacation plans. That will be just that ambiguous for now.
  • Being someone with only a patio (for now), it’s a challenge but I’m growing jalapenos and starting my own herb garden. I’m not even mrs. organic, but things like basil, dill, rosemary, thyme…it seems like I’m always buying it fresh for some recipe, so one – it’s expensive, and two, so much goes to waste that why not try to sprout a few seeds of my own?
  • On taking a little weekend trip tomorrow for the two of us down to Texas to cheer on the Royals and the Rangers, spend a little time shopping, and stay in a romantic 4-star hotel that we scored for only 70$. [Hotwire = pretty sweet.]
pretty scattered excuse for an update, but it'll have to do because we're a little pre-occupied with the aforementioned bullets above! Bon weekend!


Robert & Kelly said...

Very awesome things! The garden on your patio is perfect. I have all of our herbs in pots on our patio and they are doing really well. It's fun to grow your own food :)

Good luck studying - not that you need it!