disappointed to tears.

I’m crushed. I’m down. I’m heartbroken.

Tonights plans up until 3:14 PM: Come home. Print budget spreadsheets. Get pencil + paper + calculator, books, guides, websites. Get our ‘pros-and-cons’ list. Crunch numbers… and happily decide that we’re ready to make an offer on this beauty of a home that we toured on Friday night.

3:14 PM: the clouds darken, the ominous music plays, and the e-mail bing-bongs to say that I have a message from the realtor letting me know that the house SOLD on Saturday.

Oh guys… ::sigh::

It was gorgeous. I can’t even show you a link, and I was going to go back tomorrow to take pictures.
Of our house ‘wish-list’, it had nearly every one. And It definitely had the really important ones. That, to me, seemed like we we’re going to have a hard time finding all wrapped up in one shiny package.
And, it was from a builder, so it was NEW. And loaded with all these upgrades that they were throwing in like ‘tiled backsplash, upgraded countertops, and APPLIANCES!’ Those are words that every apartment-renter loves to hear.
Did I mention it was beautiful? Had a center island in the kitchen? A bay window in the guest bedroom? Huge ceilings? And a separate walk-in shower and Jacuzzi tub in the master? A gas fireplace? Detailed woodwork on the frames and doors? Landscaped? Brushed-nickel hardware? … well, now perhaps, you’re shedding a tear with me. Or laughing at how dramatic I am.
But I think every homeowner friend of ours has a story about the one that got away.
Well, my friends, if it’s taught us anything, it’s that slow and steady {and responsible, conservative decision making} does NOT win the race. Ok, I know I know, you can’t rush into a decision this huge. But, gosh, we’re gonna have to get in the game!

The timing of this for us really means a lot. The price may be a little higher than we'd originally thought, but in the end it's not more than we will lose out on if we stay in an apartment for 6 more months. I'd rather put these few thousand dollars to a mortgage. We have about 3 weeks to get into a house, and if we don't - then we have to sign another lease at our apt, or rent goes up $200 if we kept going month-to-month. Also, for us to get the $8,000 tax credit we have to be in the house for 3 years - and, brilliant, Aaron has 3 more years in school from right now! (+ we don't have to factor in appliances for this purchase, and they were contributing 5,000$ toward closing costs.) ....So, if you 'split' the difference, it would be a better situation financially if we went ahead and bought the house!

...so we talked and made plans all the way down to Texas on our 3-hr drive this weekend. I even doodled the layout of where all of our furniture was going to go…

No wonder they made an offer, they’d be stupid not to.
Can I hope just a little bit that their financing doesn’t go through? No, that would be mean and cruel.



mnk ♥ said...

J! i'm so sorry! something else will come along and it will be spectacular--I know it. keep smiling--I miss you!

jen + ryan said...

aw i'm so sorry... i can't imagine. we're about to head down that road in a few months, too. i hope it works out!

Kate Smylie - katesmylie@gmail.com said...

I know you are so disappointed! I hate it when this happens to my clients. Good news: when any of my clients thought they lost their "dream house," 100% of the time they found their REAL dream house after looking just a bit longer. Keep the faith!