watch out boy, she'll chew you up...

o-oh here she comes.

Tornado season in Oklahoma.
I know it's uninteresting and socially awkward to have nothing to talk about but the weather...but, who cares. there's nothing mundane about this cloud that's happening outside our apartment.
the local news channel actually advised viewers to please stop calling 911... about this eerie {in my head, this word is always spoken from stewie griffin} looking storm-cloud. Armaggedon?
...movie-set from Indepedence Day?

This cloud reminds me of a lot of things...

...that it's time to stop counting on a full 7 hours of sleep at least one night a week, and spent a few hours of what would be shut-eye tuned to Val & Gary England...telling the kids to get their storm helmets on! {if the tornado sirens don't wake you up, the loud winds and hail banging against your windows will...or the sound of water rushing under your windowsill. hopefully, that problem is fixed for good.}

...that living on a 3rd floor apartment really bites when hazardous weather hits. these weather patterns better become between the hours of 10 and 9, or before 6 pm on a Sunday. because our safe-zone is Quail Springs Mall. go figure?! ...maybe I can bunker down in the Gap. don't be suspicous if I'm well dressed when you come to rescue me.

...that we should really get to know the nice looking Asian couple on the first floor.

...that anytime I act a little nervous about a storm, I immediately give myself away as being a non-Okie.

...that with the spring brings the 40 mph wind, so time to stop wearing lip gloss. (or ask my stylist for a pixie-cut.)

...that the house we looked at with the storm-shelter is starting to really look like a valuable investment.

...that I got away lucky last year with simply a near-miss that landed me in the back of Target store snuggled with stangers holding pillows {still wrapped in their plastic, of course} over our heads.

I actually wanted to be a storm chaser as a child. ah fearless children, no grasp on the dangers of reality. I probably have hours of footage with a dear childhood friend standing outside in dusky-green skies, wind howling all around --as we made beep beep bee boo beep beep boo {oh come on, you know, it's the news bulletin sound effects} and reported on the ominous sky into our hairbrush with a big cut-out of a '5' taped to the side. I actually remember giving our name and address, you know, "just in case this videotape is found amongst the debris and rubble where our house once stood..."

stay safe {that's indoors, my friends. ...and with your helmets on.}


jen + ryan said...

ooooh that sky looks scary!! my dad was always into meteorology, so i've always wanted to see a tornado at least once in my life. still hasn't happened yet. i'm sure once i actually do see one, then i'll regret that desire :)

p.s. its my PET PEEVE to wear lip gloss when it's super windy, but it happens alllll the time. ugh.

Liz Brack said...

My first thought was Independence Day!!! That's quite a view from your 3rd story. I'm very thankful for our basement!! When we were checking out homes in OKC I couldn't understand why didn't all the new homes have saferooms/basements/cellars SOMETHING!!
I went to hs with Vals wife...