weekend get-a-way.

Brace yourself...
I didn't take many pictures during our little weekend trip.
We just needed to sneak away, just the two of us.
we didn't slow down much...

In a mere 30 hours in Dallas, we managed to squeeze in meals at Red India, Corner Bakery, and Freebirds. We spent an afternoon strolling through one of my favorite-places-on-earth {you know, just the little dime shops of Dallas}, stopped by Mockingbird Station, crashed in our steal of a swanky hotel in Addison... and then, of course, la pièce de résistance -

The Saturday night matchup of Aaron's #1 and his #2 - KC Royals v. TX Rangers.
Melody drove up to join our little cheering section. Suprisingly, there were some mixed words from fellow Ranger fans. They weren't exactly full of Texan hospitality for the three of us. Aaron's childhood friend, Lynn, however - was. We were surprised to receive a call from her, who happened to be sitting 7 rows behind the dugout. Because they had to leave early, we spent the second half of the game sitting in their seats along the third base line! Royals kicked 'em 2 to zip. Go team.

...It was just what we needed.