someone's turning 1.

Happy Birthday, dear Emma, happy birthday to you! Selfishly, I wanted Emma's birthday party and Logan's high-school graduation to fall on the same weekend, so I wouldn't have to miss it. But, the universe didn't line that up for me. I have lots of posts and pictures to catch up on, but this one just couldn't wait - I just had to post a snapshot of our adorable niece...we're there in spirit! they said she was the life of the party.

...I can't wait to see you next weekend Emma! she's a whole YEAR old now, so she can read this blog, right?

Hard to believe, but yes, this adorable girl {whom I see far less often than I'd like} has been here for a whole year. My how she's changed! Trae was with us last weekend, and telling all about her new tricks - she's walking, of course, and talking {how soon until she can say aunt j?}...full of curiousity {she cleaned out every cabinet of Gigi's last week...Gigi = grandma, my mom}, and even has stopped drinking from a bottle. No more formula, it's all solid foods and sippy cups from here on out.

There's a baby-hog on her way to Tennessee in five days...