miss ellainey.

quelque chose you missed...

[photo credit: OU Daily]
The Chaloners treated us all to an afternoon of the theat-ah...
at pride rock.
What an outstanding musical... the costumes were pretty remarkable by themselves, and the talented cast just made for such an amazing show. See it if their caravan is rolling through your hometown!It just so happened, that Trae was swinging through town to stay with us that night.
and it just so happened, that there was one extra ticket. Fancy that?
We had a nice little visit, albeit way too short. We're inching closer and closer to becoming homeowners...
We've probably gone by the house much more than their usual buyers.
What can I say, we just can't stay away! For now, we wait...

...Because. They've pushed back our closing date 2-3 weeks to June 15th... {this whole process is full of surprises. they are not usually in our favor.} ...so they can complete the renovation and plumbing to get the master bathroom back to the floorplan seen above, with the separate shower + tub configuration. We're buying a home that had previously been under contract with another buyer who had requested some specific changes to the home, but then it fell through. The awesome master bath is definitely something worth waiting on. ...we're in negotiations now to see how we'll be able to "make it right".

Sunday we had the privilege of celebrating Griffin's baby dedication at church as well as Mother's Day - Sarah's first and Teresa's first grandmother's Day! A growing family... isn't he getting so big already?
This kid's already rolled over on his own! The little over-achiever.

...and, lastly, I have to leave this big kid:

all by his onesies while I head to Tennessee for a few days. He's got a tough couple of weeks with grants, presentations, journal articles... I'm sad to be flying solo {Melody may actually join me though}, but pumped to see my family, see Lo graduate, & play with the other special baby in my life...

so, what's new with you?

...glad we could get together.


tiffany said...

:) i love lion king on/off broadway. i saw it in nyc in high school & have seen it at least 3 times since in nashville at tpac. so good!

hope your trip to/from our great state is safe & full of fun. congrats on the house!