this is us, playing house.

…you still with us?
We’re just getting settled in…and it. is. wonderful.
We have about 93% of the boxes unpacked, put away, and organized.
{nothing like having 3 visitors headed your way to spend a holiday weekend to get your butt-in-gear.}
We haven’t really done the “decorating” part yet, except for the obvious week of painting.
We’re just happy to let that kind of evolve, once September rolls around {after I take boards} I’ll have time for all that fun stuff. Instead of rushing it, I’ll just wait & let that be my reward!
But even without a lot of stuff everywhere, it’s so warm, comfortable, cozy. We really love it.
I know, I know, quit yapping about it and post some pictures already
But, until I get it all set up at least a little, I’d rather just wait for one big REVEAL! {you can tell that the only channel # I've committed to memory on our new satellite is HGTV.}
For my handful of faithful readers, the posts will probably be few & far between from now thru the GC board exams. But, you understand, sweet dears.
I DO have lots of photos from all the recent goings-on, lots of stories, and lessons–learned from our new dive into the pool of homeownership. But, they too, will just have to hang on.
So, I don’t have time to stick around. I have to study. And go seal the grout on our new tile floors. And stain the fence.
Ahh… welcome home.