happy homeowners.

Moving day is tomorrow! We’re about to spend the last night in our little apartment, the place we called home for our first two crazy years of marriage. I thought I’d be more sad to ‘see it go’, but as soon as you start packing all your things away and stripping the walls of everything that made it ‘home’ to you, it slowly edges back to that blank canvas that we moved into. …and all the emotions get channeled into the excitement of moving into and creating our first house-home.
It’s been quite the wild ride this week – from closing on Monday, painting every night this week {we had some awesome help, thank you to Michael, Teresa, Melody, Kara, Corey, Julie, & Jay…we could not have been ready to move by Saturday without your fantastic painting skills!}
..we had some hiccups, like the mismatched ‘touch up’ paint can in the master bedroom {oh, man. But it’s fixed now.} and then our living room read ‘POOP’ where Aaron tested some paint colors and then the flat color we chose didn’t completely cover up the semi-gloss. Homeowners? Adults? You wouldn’t believe it. Well, it’s time to go close up the last few boxes, pause, and glance around the room with a reflective stare, recalling all the memories in a fast-forward film reel…

“I’m pooped”.


jen + ryan said...

i totally agree with you about the apartment not feeling like "home" anymore once you strip everything away... that's what we're going through right now.

Lindsey said...

Aw so exciting!! Isn't it crazy when you take everything off the walls it just doesn't feel like home anymore?! We felt the same way!