swedish rock band, Europe's, popular 1986 hit.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Veg Fest 09. (must out-do Veg fest ’08) – to kick off the night that I take boards.
    {Veg fest means Aaron and I ‘veg out’…lounge around on the couch, watching movies, ordering pizza. enjoying some red vino. It means we turn off our phones, we can’t do any chores, pay any bills, run any errands, or do ANYTHING that we do not want to do. It’s the ultimate indulgence.}
  • Cooking in my pretty, new kitchen.
  • seeing more of my friends and my family.
  • Planting flowers in our garden. Mom? Teresa? Help, please. maybe I'm not even supposed to plant this time of year. I don't even know that.
  • Shopping. {sigh}
  • Shopping for le house. Finally getting to do all the fun decorating, browsing, and even blog-stalking all the cute, creative interior design sites. And see the last few boxes sent out to the curb.
  • Planning our weekend away {celebrating birthdays + test completions}… we’ve tossed around going to a B & B winery in Texas? Or Silver Dollar City in Missouri?... what do you think, where should we go?
  • catching up with editing and uploading all my photos.
  • updating this little site for my ridiculous following. {cue laughter} no, really, but I have missed it.
  • Sitting. Just coming home, and relaxing. Sitting on our back patio, grilling out with Aaron, sitting in the hammock and {gasp} reading for fun.
  • Loving on my sweet husband who's been like mr. suzy homemaker this past month. cooking for me, cleaning (even the bathrooms people), shopping for groceries, taking care of every little thing so I could focus on studying. UH-mazing. I've never felt so appreciative, I think acts-of-service would definitely be my "love language".
  • celebrating our emancipation with the other lovely ladies going for the "C" in CGC. Hot tub parties, pedicures and champagne. oh yeah, we know the key to motivation is sweet rewards.
  • Living in ignorant bliss until November-December when we find out our scores.
  • Going down to Dallas to stay with Carly & Adam.
  • celebrating Julie's wedding in Lubbock.
  • Camping. ‘tis the season, right?
  • Baylor Homecoming …which is shaping up to be a possible class of ’05 reunion.
  • Bringing down the ‘fall décor’. {there’s a bunch!} Oh, how you pumpkins, leaves, oranges-browns-golds make me smile. And, now to have a cozy home as my canvas...?

I'll leave you with a little tease for fall. This shot was taken by my lovely friend Hannah. Always been one of my favorites. taken...where else? back in Tennessee. see you in a measley ol' 19 days. wish me luck.


carly said...

I especially love the bullets regarding a visit to see us and the BU homecoming, but they all sound fabulous! Just remember, Dallas has all the best shopping ;) So you can knock out some of that home decor to do list by coming here!!