Wish list.

930084_009_bLet’s pretend that I was going to buy myself a reward for studying my bum off for this exam next week…

well then, I think I’ve found the object of my affection.

It’s probably way flattering, no?

It’s probably 178$, no?

It reminds me of our wedding. black + white + green. I saw it in anthropologie with Carly and thought it would have made an awesome bridesmaid dress.

with that price-tag, all hard-working aside, It’s going to have to stay on its mannequin.

maybe if I PASS my exam?

well, maybe I’ll add it to my ebay-search-list {for those of you who don’t know, you can snag a lot of great new-with-tags clothes from just holding out a few months after they hit stores.} Let’s hope this little gem finds it way on there soon.


The Lees said...

I LOVE Anthropologie! And I think that you should definitely buy that dress. Good luck pushing through the next few days!