something borrowed, something delta blues...

If you're catching this on Thursday evening or Friday morning... we're somewhere along that blue line...Back in our dating days when we'd go back to our hometowns to visit (separately) , Aaron & I always thought it so amusing that even though we were distanced by 600 miles, only two turns [our exits] separated us. Interstate-40 all the way.

We're headed back to the great state of Tennessee for my brother's wedding this weekend. They're getting married at the zoo! How fun is that? I haven't seen the place, but they tell me it's really pretty and definitely unique! It should be an interesting & entertaining weekend. We're really looking forward to seeing all the family and, of course, holding little Emma every chance we get. Aaron & I are even hitting up Graceland with some of the family before we head back on Sunday.

A fun little anecdote for you... Mom, you'll love this. I was telling someone the other day about our weekend plans and was reminded of the last time I went to Graceland. Yeah, I bet Trae remembers too. So, my brother and I were part of a Cotillion group in junior high and some of high school. Well, we would have these themed parties once a month where we'd get to showcase all our swanky ballroom dancing steps and fancy manners that we'd learned at our classes [20's flapper party, an all-out 70's Studio 54, Wild west Hoe Down...] . Don't laugh, I really did enjoy it for the most part. And I can sit like a lady, know what the special spoons are for, and Trae & I can cut a mean 'beach shag'... among other southern 'accomplishments'. Anyway... So, one of our parties was a 50's Sock-Hop. Oh, we were decked out in full costume. A few weekends later, one of our 'cultural outings' was to go to Graceland with our Cotillion. There was a whole day of Elvis-inspired events, even eating at an old soda-shop, famed for serving Elvis's favorites. Our director thought It'd be so fun to send us all "in costume of the era" and wear our clothes from the party. Apparently, not everyone liked that idea... and the director sent word back to my Mom. But, did my mom pass that message along to Trae & I ? No, siree. She thought it would be "so cute" if we went ahead and dressed up anyway. We, obviously, didn't get the option to make that judgement call. So, we show up at 6 am ready to load the cars with a bunch of other 11 through 14 year olds... decked to the nines in a poodle skirt, ponytail, striped cat-eye glasses ...and Trae in a T-birds jacket, rolled jeans, and a GLUED ON elvis wig. We turn with astonishment to look at our mom when we see everyone dressed in normal clothes. We realize then that she 'knew all along', and she's assuring us that this'll be 'so fun'. The giggles and the whispers began, and I think Trae & I just stood there like a deer in headlights... teenage-angst rising within. Mom, there's probably a really mean diary entry written somewhere. Looking back, it's quite hilarious... luckily most of these other kiddos had learned 'proper manners' and didn't give us too much of a hard time after all. and we had people coming up to us all day long wanting to take pictures with us as if we were part of the 'show'. A little celebrity treatment will help any attitude...and create a quite vivid memory of a trip to the King's house. I'm going to have to find a picture of that somewhere.

ok, now really, I must hit the road... Have a great weekend, and congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Trae Dedmon!


Jan said...

Hasn't anyone ever told you that Mother always knows best? Thanks for the laugh...I didn't remember that story. Just for the record we took you to Graceland a few years later in "normal" clothes and I see which trip was most memorable! Love you!